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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Clipperman Fortress Clipper - 20% off

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Was: £280.00 Now: £224.00
Just 1 in stock at this price!

A heavy duty, 380W animal clipper, with a cutting speed of 2,500RPM. The Fortress makes an ideal clipper for horses or cattle.

Large blade connection takes A2, A22, A6 and A7 blades. Comes supplied with an A2 blade with a 3mm cut length.

Easy to use - weighing only 1.4kg, with a 56mm handle width.

The powerful 380W motor inside the Fortress makes it perfect for a yard full of horses or cattle.

Generous 6m cable length allows for plenty of manoeuvrability when clipping.

Quick and simple blade tension adjustment enabling you to swap or remove the blades with ease.